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After more than 50 years, Germany is finally suspending conscription (see main story). This shows that the trend to abolish conscription is still continuing in Europe, and it is likely that Austria and other countries will follow soon. From the Scandinavian countries, Sweden also abolished conscription this year, and in Denmark only a small proportion of those eligible for military service are called up. However, Finland still holds on to conscription, and it is unlikely that it will go soon.

However, while there might be a trend to end conscription in Europe, this does not apply to the rest of the world. While now - 11 months after the judgement - the written judgement of the constitutional court of Colombia is finally available, recognising the right to conscientious objection, in recent weeks several reports about batidas reached War Resisters' International, showing that forced recruitment is continuing. War Resisters' International protested in a letter to the Colombian Ministry of Defence.

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Andreas Speck

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