Derry Raytheon 14 trial - acquittals again


Despite two men being found guilty of minor miscellaneous charges, there was another great victory for Derry Raytheon protesters and for opposition to the arms trade when all nine women charged were acquitted by a jury at Belfast Crown Court on 4th June after a trial spread out over 3 weeks.

Raytheon already left Derry before the end of February this year and the trial related to an action in January 2009 (see NN 178) - with a similar result this time to the June 2008 trial of 9 men for an action at Raytheon plant in Derry in August 2006. Three men had been acquitted earlier in the week due to lack of evidence. The two convictions were for `impersonating a police officer' and the other for `criminal damage' (spray painting) - the last charge, ironically, applied to a veteran street actor.

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