Delhi Disarmament Conference & Events 2010


Humanitarian Disarmament for Sustainable Peace, Human Security & Development in India & United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Experts Meeting Conference 14 to 17 February 2010

The Delhi Disarmament Conference & Events 2010 coincides with, and is arranged in protest of, the India Defence Expo 2010, India's largest international military exhibition, this year held outside of Delhi. Hundreds of Indian and international companies will be participating in the show, among them many of the world’s largest armament manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems, hoping to increase their weapon sales and procure orders.

The Delhi Disarmament Conference & Events 2010 is dedicated to provide and distribute information on why development will depend on disarmament or on a reallocation of the funds presently being misused for military purposes. The conference is dedicated to create informed public opinion and to inspire non-violent action that will be a major contribution to the growth of a culture of peace.

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