The continuity of the denial of the genocide in Srebrenica


On March the 30th, 2010. the Parliament of Serbia adopted the Declaration on condemning the crime in Srebrenica.

After a long debate in the Parliament, when we could hear fascist statements from the members of Radical party, Democratic party of Serbia and Serbian Progressive party, the members of the Parliament adopted the Declaration on condemning the crimes in Srebrenica.

With the Declaration in this form the State carries on with the continuity of the denial of the Serbian aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, committed with the goal to realize state supported project of ethnically clean Big Serbia, with committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, that culminated with the genocide in Srebrenica! Refusing to give proper name to the genocide in Srebrenica, the creators of the Declaration relativized the participation of Serbia in this horrible crime by forging facts and relativizing the context of armed conflict in the former Yugoslavia. By doing this, the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia consciously ignored the judgment of the International Court of Justice ( February 26th, 2007) and ICTY judgment in Krstic, Jokic and Blagojevic cases, when the courts established the facts that the genocide happened in Srebrenica! The judgment of International Court of Justice established that Serbia is responsible for not preventing the genocide, while the judgment in the case of Radislav Krstic, the general in Bosnian Serb Army (VRS), established beyond reasonable doubt the genocidal intent.

The Parliament of Serbia mocked the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica , their families and other war survivors, failed once again to show solidarity with the victims of the crime committed in our name, to condemn the genocide and punish the perpetrators of the genocide.

We protest most harshly against the decision of the Parliament of Serbia and demand that the Republic of Serbia to arrest Ratko Mladic and to hand him over to the ICTY.

Women in Black will continue with the protests on the 11th of every month demanding from the Parliament of Serbia to proclaim July 11th the Day of the remembrance of the genocide, not crime, committed in Srebrenica.

April 11st, 2010.

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