Come to Lisbon. Protest against the NATO summit in Portugal

From 19 to 21 November the NATO summit will take place in Lisbon, with Obama, the best known of the leaders, present.

The stated objective of the summit is the adoption of a new Strategic Concept – the seventh this the foundation of NATO – and with it, the ratification of the actions of NATO in the last years, especially in Afghanistan and Somalia; the more precise definition of NATO's actions in the coming years, especially in relation to Iran; and to guarantee the cohesion of its member states under the strict obedience to the decisions of the Pentagon.

The instruments included in this new Strategic Concept are, among others, the growing militarisation of the member states of NATO; the strengthening of military power, in spite of the recession and the impoverishment of the people on both sides of the Atlantic; the banalisation of the use of war as a way to control resources – especially energy – and their transport routes; the contempt for public opinion, which defends peaceful means for the solution of international problems; a return to the nuclear threat; and the growing expansion of its area of interventions.

Never has the war effort undertaken by the governments of NATO countries proven to be so inadequate to the real military threats to these countries; but not so surprising given the difficulties of the populations – unemployment, wage freeze, increased retirement age and reduced access to health and social support.

The Portuguese governments has threatened all those who question NATO, its activities and its existence, as criminals and prepares a real stage of siege and the suspension of freedoms and safeguards that exist in democratic societies.

In this framework, a broad coalition of organisations not only of the NATO countries decided to converge in Lisbon during the NATO summit to express their protest in front of this house of warlords, despite the threat of the Portuguese government, which simply echoes the words of command from Washington and Brussels.

During the NATO summit the following will take place in Lisbon:

  • a counter-summit, where dangers and disadvantages of NATO actions, and more, the danger inherent in the existence of NATO, will be exposed;
  • A demonstration open to all who want to peacefully demonstrate the need for the abolition of NATO, and for a world without wars and military threats;
  • Civil disobedience actions to promote the cause of peace and local awareness for the war policy conducted by NATO, particularly in Afghanistan.
  • All to Lisbon, to demand an end to NATO
  • All to Lisbon, to demonstrate the rejection of militarism
  • All to Lisbon, to fight for the withdrawal of NATO from Afghanistan
  • All to Lisbon, to demand a world of peace and renunciation of States to resort to war.

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