Attack on activists at the headquarters of Women in Black in Belgrade, Serbia


Author: Tanjug

Belgrade - The peace group Women in Black announced today that last night around 1:30 am, two young men invaded the organization's headquarters and with a hammer attacked men and women activists in the kitchen.

This incident took place just before the holding of the Pride Parade in Belgrade, which indicates that homophobia is the motive of the attackers, a statement declared.

"That it was not a matter of a random incident was proven by the young men entering the room loudly calling for 'faggots' among those present, and looking for a fight," the Women in Black statement added.

"A politically motivated attack on the women and men activists of Woman in Black happened because we clearly and unequivocally support the rights of LGBT people and the organization of the Pride Parade, just as political engagement of Woman in Black also includes a clear condemnation of the crimes committed in our name," they said in the statement.

This organization demands that the responsible institutions of Serbia as soon as possible find the perpetrators and punish the attackers, stating that it "showed that the state really has the political will to create a democratic state and respects the values of human rights and freedoms."…

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