Upcoming events


April 16 - 18, Seoul.
International Conference against the Asia Pacific Missile Defense and for the End of the Arms Race.

For more information go http://www.space4peace.org/actions/gnconf_2009.htm

May 12 - 14, Brussels. ITEC Arms Fair

For informations of actions against, contact: info (at) veredesactie.be

May 28 -31, Barcelona. European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) Annual Meeting + Trobada de Barcelona.
For more information contact: projectes (at) justiciaipau.org

September 8 - 11, London. Shut Down DSEI Arms Fair
For more information go to: http://dsei.org

January 2010, Ahmedabad, India. "Nonviolent Livelihood Struggles and Global Militarism: Links and Strategies"
International conference organised by WRI, investigating the links between local nonviolent livelihood struggles and global militarism, including war profiteering. More information soon will be available in the WRI website or contact info@wri-irg.org

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