Poland's last batch of conscripts


Following the decision to suspend conscription and to transform Poland's Armed Forces into fully professional forces, the last batch of 3,200 conscripts was recruited in December 2008, to serve nine months of military service. Polish Minister of National Defence Bogdan Klich stated during a Parliament session on 4 December 2008 that the process of professionalisation of the Polish military consists of 3 stages. “Currently, we completed the second one i.e. recruiting last conscripts to the army these days, and open up the third one – establishing career army so as to since December 2010 only professionals could enter the service”, Klich said.

Hundred volunteers of the last conscripts undergo a special training, to test the new training designed for voluntary soldiers.

However, according to an article in Gazeta Wyborcza, it seems that registration for conscription will continue. However, contact with the Armed Forces for men will be limited to a visit at the draft office and not necessarily in person. An email will do, writes the paper.

Presently, War Resisters' International does not know the details of the conditions of service for professional soldiers. Also, the rules and regulations governing military service in case conscription should be reactivated are not know.

Sources: Ministry of National Defence, Professionalization gathers speed, 8 December 2008; Polskieradio.pl: Press review, 3 December 2008; War Resisters' International: Country report and updates: Poland, 23 October 2008


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