New Nuclear weapons & NATO


While diplomats and lobbyists are preparing for the renewal of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and peace activists are preparing for a closure of European nuclear bases on april the 3th, the arms industry is making money of developing new nukes. These are the biggest profiteers making new NATO nukes:

For the US

  • Honeywell is one of the biggest global arms companies, although only 10% of its profits comes from arms. Honeywell produces equipment for simulated nuclear explosions. Such simulated explosion are essential to develop new nuclear weapons.
  • Lockheed Martin makes the Trident nuclear weapons for the United States and Great-Brittan and is in charge of the Nevada nucleair test site. Together with Alliant Techsystems Lockheed Martin is developing a new medium range nuclear capable missile.
  • McDermott through daughter company Babcock & Wilcox involved in Los Alamos nuclear research lab

For France

EADS is a consortium of European aircraft companies from France, Germany and Spain. For tax reasons the company is officially based in the Netherlands. About 20% of EADS production is military. EADS Astrium is responsible for the M-51, the new nuclear missile for French submarines. Also participating in modernising the French nucleair arsenal are Finmeccanica, as well as French Safran, Thales, DCNS and SNPE.

For the UK
BAE Systems, formerly known as British Aerospace, is the biggest European defence company. BAE Systems is co-owner of MBDA which is developing new nuclear missiles for the French army. BAE is also, together with Rolls Royce amongst others, developing new nuclear submarines for the British navy. As is Babckcok International.

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