The Cellular Companies and the Occupation


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In a much criticized television commercial for an Israeli cellular communication service provider, a group of Israeli soldiers play soccer with unseen (presumably Palestinian) partners over the separation wall. "All we want, after all, is to have some fun", the commercial exclaims. As distasteful and offensive as this commercial may be, on some level it calls on us to expose the ties of these cellular companies to the occupation. As the following report from Who Profits from the Occupation can show, for all we know it might be that the invisible players behind the wall are just the Israeli cellular company workers, at work deep inside the Palestinian territory.

All Israeli cellular communication companies are commercially involved in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Golan Heights. These companies build infrastructure, maintain property and equipment in illegal Israeli settlements, much of it on privately owned Palestinian lands. They all provide services to the Israeli military and to all Israeli settlers, and some provide specially designed services. They use the Israeli control of the Palestinian territory to exploit the Palestinian frequencies and to impose their services on the Palestinian captive market.

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