22 Arrested at Blackwater's Illinois Compound


On the 27th of April twenty-two people were arrested at the Blackwater/Xe compound in Jo Daviess County Illinois as they carried out a nonviolent direct action against a company at the centre of some of the worst violence in Iraq. They were part of a larger group of about 75 people who marched on Blackwater to serve the company with a Notice of Foreclosure for Moral Bankruptcy.

“There’ve been more people arrested for trespassing on Blackwater property than Blackwater employees that have been held accountable for their illegal actions which include tax evasion, smuggling illegal arms into Iraq as well as illegal use of firearms on their facility in Moyock, North Carolina,” charged Dan Kenney, one of the organisers of the protest.

Blackwater recently changed the name of its training facilities to the “US Training Center.” The demonstration at Blackwater came after a weekend conference focused on the company and its domestic expansion in the US. It was sponsored by the Clearwater Citizens group, the Midwest Regional Catholic Worker Movement and other groups.

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