War starts from Europe

14–15 November 2008: European day of action against military globalisation

Europe is at war. The bombs are not falling in Europe but several thousands of km away in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet nevertheless war is waged from Europe. Europe serves as a launch pad for military interventions worldwide. The framework can differ: NATO, EU, US coalition of the willing, UN. The targets vary as well: Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Chad, …. But the departure points don’t: military bases and civilian airports and harbours in Europe. Europe hosts a large military intervention machinery.

The Iraq war made this very visible when the US and the UK waged war from their European bases. In 2003, there were 54,000 Europe-based US military personnel who were deployed, or worked in direct sup- port of, the war against Iraq. The US Army was deployed out of Germany and Italy, while bombing flights departed from UK bases and aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean. Marines were inserted into northern Iraq from Crete and Bulgaria. (…)

European countries themselves participate in the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. More than 25,000 European soldiers fight under NATO command in Afghanistan. Under the EU flag they are intervening in Africa. Both NATO and the EU are developing rapid intervention forces. Several European countries have military bases outside Europe to support their interventions (…)

When war starts from Europe, prevention of war must also start in Europe. We call for a European day of nonviolent direct action against war on 14–15 November 2008. Take action at your local military bases and installations used for military interventions! Resist Military Globalisation!

This is a preliminary draft for the call for action. More information will be available at http://wri-irg.org and http://europeanpeaceaction.org


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