Raytheon activist in Brisbane, Australia - acquitted


On the 27th of July and an hour after a Wynnum magistrate found the activist not guilty of "disobeying a police direction", police rang the home of one of the activist to let her know that Raytheon did not wish to proceed with wilful damages charges resulting form another (their third) exorcism at their Brisbane offices.

Although the two charges are not related and under different acts, it appears Raytheon once again is more afraid of further embarrassment , than it is concerned with prosecuting people who "damage" their property.

The decision came after the the third action of 'exorcism' by activist in front of Raytheon offices in Brisbane on the 7th of July were they entered Raytheon front office in Murrarie, Brisbane and convince that only the demonic could account for a company which exists to make profit from such death and destruction, the activist lit candles , prayed and sprinkled holy water. They also pasted the walls with photos of Raytheon massacres. When then placed human blood in the shape of a cross in three places on their white walls and glass doors. At last Raytheon could show its true nature to visitors!

Since officially setting up offices in Australia in 1998, the Raytheon Corporation has expanded dramatically and now has offices in four states. Raytheon is proud supplier of electronic war fighting equipment, missiles and other “labour saving” devices to all branches of the Australian military.

Raytheon is also the largest civilian employer at Pine Gap, being the sole contractor for the daily maintenance of the facility. Pine Gap is Australia's most important contribution to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing satellite intelligence information used in targeting for much of the bombing. Much of the equipment used at Pine Gap is also made by Raytheon. Raytheon is essentially a war fighting machine, making massive profits from almost every angle. Raytheon workers at Pine Gap tell the US military where to drop Raytheon bombs (cruise missiles, cluster bombs and much more), from planes fitted with Raytheon electronic equipment.

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