FIDAE: Chilean aerospace and defence fair


From the 31 of March to the 4 of April in Santiago, Chile , there was an arms fair: FIDAE, is a fair that focuses on the aerospace defence

area. FIDAE also welcomes civilian exhibitors but essentially the fair has a military focus. This fair is one of the biggest and most important of its kind in Latin America and is a mayor event for the arms traders to make business in the region. This year's fair hosted

the 11th edition of the meeting of Logistic Commanders of the Air Forces of South America.

The 2006 version of this fair hosted some of the largest arms producers in the world: BAE Systems, Allian Techsystems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, EADS, THALES, Honeywell Aerospace, Afarmade. There is also a strong presence from the Israeli and Russian industry.The Israel Military Industry and Russia Military are on

parade among the exhibitors. Other countries that are strongly present are Argentina and Brazil. The latter one being the biggest industry in the region. The fair is also the occasion for the Chilean defence industry to show their new developments, particularly FAMAE that is the manufacturer of military equipment for the Chilean Army.

For many years FIDAE has been advertised to the Chilean public as a day out for the family especially for the younger generations. Many schools visit the FIDAE as part of their extra-curricular programmes where the children can see the new technology on aerospace. Many times the visitors are not even aware that the fair essentially is a place for selling arms. For many years the fair has been targeted by antimilitarist groups like WRI's affiliates Ni Casco Ni Uniforme, but the actions have not been

successful enough in making the general public aware of what in reality happens at this arms fair.

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