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Eurosatory is with DSEi in London the biggest arms trade fair in the world. A few figures to show how bit it is. In 2006, there were over one thousand exhibitors from 47 countries displaying military equipments to 48 thousand visitors from 167 countries, amongst them 110 official delegations from 67 countries and nearly 600 journalists. This year, it’ll be held for the third time in the big exhibition center Parinord in Villepinte, 20 miles north of Paris, from 16th June to 20th June.

Different initiatives are taken in the aim of getting this exhibition closed and the arms trade stopped.

June 14th, The Mouvement de la Paix call for a big picnic party at La Villette in Paris from 4 to 9 pm. It clearly aims to be a “disarm the trade fair” with all groups calling for disarmement displaying their arguments from disarm for developement to disarm for a better security and informing about what Eurosatory is about, ie : fuelling war selling more armement to as many countries as possible.

June 16th to June 20th at Villepinte by the exhibition centre Quakers and Canva will do vigil all along the week from 10 am.

June 17th, 7pm By le Louvres museum, The Union Pacifiste call for a demonstration around the place where officials and main arm dealers will celebrate with the French taxpayer money. Bataillons of ths clown army should be around as well in order to get their share in this very profitering business. They’ll demonstrate once more the efficiency of their bones-zookas recycling bones of war victims and other Weapon Massively Derisive.

Contact : union.pacifiste@wanadoo.fr

Other things can happen in order to disturb eurosatory as pacifist minds are still brainstomring nonviolent ideas.

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