European Peace Action Forum at the European Social Forum

Malmö 17-21 September 2008

As part of the European Social Forum in Malmö, several antimilitarist and peace groups are organising the European Peace Action Forum.

The forum will focus on 4 themes: NATO and the militarisation of the EU, nuclear weapons, militarisation of space, and the international military industrial complex.

The over-reaching theme for the entire forum will be how to strengthen our resistance against militarisation. During the forum there will also be possibilities to do direct actions against arms companies in the region. The forum welcomes anybody who is interested in peace work, not only people who are already active but also those who don't have any previous experience at all in peace activism.

The EPA forum is an opportunity not just to meet each other, discuss the issues, network and co-ordinate but also a chance to take action together.It will provide information in advance on military related companies and organisations in the Malmö area. People are encouraged to come with an affinity group and a plan for their action. EPA will provide some basic support and facilities for sharing the story of your action.

EPA will also organise an action in Malmö, open to all. Those who wish to take action together but haven't come with an affinity group and a specific plan are welcome to join us in this.

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