Finally welcome to co-update No 36, which has turned into a May-June issue, which is quite late. May - and June - have been very busy, with a 2 1/2 weeks visit to Colombia in the second half of May, and this contributed to the delay of this issue of co-update. And - unfortunately - the next issue of co-update will also be a double-issue - July-August - which we will only be able to send out to you in the second half of July. We hope to get back on track with our more or less monthly schedule in September.

The past weeks have been very busy, and it is difficult to report on all what has happened. As you can read in the article on 15 May, we are working on a European Union-wide survey on conscientious objection, which is also delayed.

But the main work has been on Colombia. Not only did we visit Colombia, we also worked hard on two cases of conscientious objectors recruited by the military (and who finally have been released), on cases we presented to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, and a lot more.

We will report on some of this work - successful or not - in the coming issues of co-update. So stay tuned - even though we are late sometimes.

Andreas Speck


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