Welcome to No 35 of co-update, our monthly e-newsletter on conscientious objection and military recruitment.

We start this newsletter with some good news - another legal victory for conscientious objectors in Turkey. However, this good news is also bad news, as it shows the huge gap between how it should be in Turkey - legally - and the practice "on the ground". Even with the backing of international institutions and international courts, the real battle about the right to conscientious objection is about the practice, and how this right is being implemented. This holds true in Turkey, in Azerbaijan (another country defying its commitment to the Council of Europe), and in many other countries world-wide.

War Resisters' International will continue to support conscientious objectors all over the world in their struggle for a real right to conscientious objection, not only on paper, but also in practice. Please help us by donating to War Resisters'. Thank You.

Andreas Speck


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