Turkey continues to dominate this issue of co-update, after we already opened the last issue with a long report on Turkey. However, the good news from the last issue cannot be repeated. This time we have to report that torture and abuse of a conscientious objector in a Turkish military prison does not necessarily lead to prosecution - or if it does, then to the prosecution of the victim.
Bad news also has to be reported from Canada. In spite of overwhelming support of the Canadan public the Canadian government is now putting an end to the stay of US Iraq war resisters who fled to the country. Robin Long was the first one to be deported back to the United States, where he promptly received a prison sentence of 15 months. Jeremy Hinzman might be next.
Also in Israel a new wave of conscientious objectors is going to prison - the next generation of the Shministim, the High School seniors', who announced publicly that they will refuse to serve in the Israeli military.
All these development show the urgent need for your support to conscientious objectors all over the world.
War Resisters' International depends on your donations to be able to carry out its work. Donate to WRI online now at wri-irg.org/en/donate-en.htm.
Andreas Speck


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