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This issue of The Broken Rifle is dedicated to the topic of nonviolence training. Nonviolence training has different formats and it answers to different needs. However most trainings have in common that they are a participatory place for learning from each other on the different aspects of nonviolence. It contributes to building healthy group dynamics and explores in a practical way the different aspects of nonviolence. In this BR we look at three cases of trainings – training for preparing for an action as part of a long term campaign; training on gender and nonviolence; and training for democracy building.

What training do we need? In many ways the most effective form of training is when we train ourselves. We are the ones who understand what is the aim of our work, what is the context where we are based. Training together allows us to develop our skills, remain independent and can guarantee continuity as we share our skills with the rest of the group. Especially in preparing for an action, it's important to understand the limitations of trainings: no matter how many roleplays you do, during an actual action your reaction will never be quite the same as when you are confronted with a violent or an unexpected situation.

In this issue we announce our latest publication the “Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns” a resource to help you dealing with the challenges we face while working in a long term campaign or for a stand alone action.

Javier Gárate

Programmes & Projects

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