Welcome to War Profiteers' News, WRI's newsletter on the issues around war profiteering.

This issue covers the arms fair in India, 16-19 February. Arms fairs are used to make new deals promoting the latest military technology and also in many cases to promote the arms industry to the general public as they offer a good family day out. For many years, arms fairs have been the target for anti-militarist action, sometimes quite successfully.

The last issue of WPN had an article on economic conversion, mentioning the work of activists in Connecticut, USA, especially against General Dynamics. This issue we profile General Dynamics as our War Profiteer of the Month.

The Campaign of the Month is from University College London (UCL) students campaigning against university investments in the arms trade. We also report some actions against arms manufacturers recruiting personnel at universities. If you have any information about this kind of anti-corporate counter-recruitment, please send it in to help us build up resources on this area.

In the build up to WRI's seminar in December in India - "Linking local livelihood struggles and global militarism" - this issue reports on the conflict in the south of Chile between the indigenous Mapuches and the logging industry.

Javier Gárate

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