Conscientious Objection to Military Service: Issues for the Country Report Task Forces - CHAD


Submission to the 94th Session of the Human Rights Committee: October 2008

suggests that in the list of issues Chad be asked whether the
provisions concerning the recognition of conscientious objectors to
military service reported to the Commission on Human Rights in 1991
are still in force, to give details of the procedures concerned, and
an indication of the number of applications for conscientious
objector status submitted and approved.


Although a legal ordinance dating from the time of independence
places a formal military obligation upon Chadian citizens, in
practice the only form of conscription appears to have been applied
to graduates from the Ecole National d’Administration, and
possibly the National College of Physical Education and Sports, who
have been required upon graduation to undergo a 45 day period of
military training.

to information submitted by Chad to the OHCHR for the Report on
conscientious objection to military service prepared for the 1991
session of the Commission on Human Rights, “Young people who,
prior to conscription, declare themselves totally opposed, on account
of their religious or philosophical conviction, to the personal use
of weapons” might, on application to the Ministry of Defence,
accompanied by any supporting information they consider necessary,
“be authorised to fulfil their military obligations either in a
non-combatant military unit or in a civilian organisation performing
work in the general interest.”1
In the latter case there was some ambiguity as to whether the
period of service would be equal to or double the length of military

following year Chad again confirmed to the Commission on Human Rights
that there was “no question of the Government opposing the possible
existence of any movement of conscientious objection to military
service on pacifist grounds,”2 but gave
no further details of legislation or procedures.

It has
not been possible to trace any more recent reference to these
provisions or any reports of conscientious objectors having come
forth in practice.


Report of the Secretary General prepared pursuant to Commission
Resolution 1989/59, quoted by Horeman, B. & Stolwijk, M.,
Refusing to Bear Arms , War Resisters International, London,
1998. (http//

Report of the Secretary General prepared pursuant to Commission
Resolution 1991/65, ibid.

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