Action against Eurosatory


By Tikiri

Between Monday (16 June 16) and Friday (20), during a huge supermaket of death in Paris named Eurosatory, nonviolent activists tried to bring attention to this war profiteering business. Some went for silent vigils all along the week close to the exhibition centre targeting locals and commuters as well as showing the arm traders that pacifists are still there. On 17 June, war profiteers (dealers, buyers and co) were having a good time in the Louvres museum. Then called by the French WRI section Union Pacifiste, as well as Sud Culture (Louvre workers trade union), a few dozen activists held a noisy assembly next to the museum. On the other side, marching towards the Pyramid, the Paris brigade of the clown army was nearly reaching its aim: sharing a cannibal's banquet with these nice food providers. "Please come and taste this nice 'Iraqi en sauce' hunted with your products". But the clowns were pushed away. Anyone taking pictures or shouting too much and showing their support risked police aggression. In the end, clowns escaped in a laugh but one supporter was arrested for shouting in a megaphone against arm traders...


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