Action against Aimpoint as part of the events at the European Peace Action Forum in Sweden.


The company, Aimpoint - or the more suitable "Shamepoint" - manufactures red dots sight used by armies around the world, including the US army in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This action was part of the activities of the European Peace Action Forum (EPA) at the European Social Forum (ESF) in Malmo, Sweden. The action took place on Friday 19th of September.

Most of the people who took part in the action travelled together from the EPA venue to the offices of Aimpoint where the bus driver of the bus that took us to the location for the action was so kind to let all in without having to pay for the bus ticket - what a good way to encourage disarmament actions! - The bus was followed along all the route by the Swedish police. A special feature and new to international participants was the presence of Dialogue Police and Dialogue Demonstrator who are responsible for communicating what is happening with the other side during the action.

Once arrived at Aimpoint, a small group, formed of members from Switzerland Without an Army, Vredesactie and Ofog climbed the fence and got inside the facilities of Aimpoint. The group was holding a banner that read “war starts in Europe let's stop it from here! Aimpoint kills”. While the group was inside Aimpoint's premises, a group of around 100 demonstrators made noise to expose the company as a war profiteer, a group from the clown army kept all in a positive friendly action attitude. After some minutes the group that made it inside was arrested and taken in police vans to the police station. As part of the action there was a 1 minute long scream, for all to take out their frustrations and non-acceptance of what the company is involved in. Following the scream around 50 of the demonstrators did a die in representing the victims from the wars Aimpoint equipment is used in. One member of the clown army was detained when she climbed the fence, but later was released and not taken to the police station.

The action finished with a big sheer, which was a good end to a positive and friendly action against a Swedish war profiteer. Again all jumped on a bus, this time even with the help of the police to make sure that the bus will stop for everyone.

The group of arrestees were release a few hours later.

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