4-12 of October: Keep Space for Peace Week


Each fall the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space organizes Keep Space for Peace Week: International Days of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space. These events are intended to help educate the public about the need to prevent the arms race from moving into the heavens.

According to Global Network Coordinator Bruce Gagnon, "The space week protests represent the largest grass-roots global expression against moving the arms race into space. With current U.S. plans to deploy Star Wars radar in the Czech Republic and 'missile defense' deployments in Poland, a new costly and destabilizing arms race in space is underway. The U.S. has long said that it intends to 'control and dominate' space and 'deny' other nations access to space giving it the ability to control the Earth.

The October 4-12 actions are being co-sponsored by the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom and Europe for Peace and has been endorsed by groups all over the world. Protests took place at city centers, U.S. embassies, key space related factories and military bases in the U.S., throughout Europe, Latin America, Australia, India, and the Asian-Pacific region. Educational forums were held inside churches, schools and colleges.

Czech activist, Dana Feminova, a leader of Europe for Peace says, "Here in Europe we can see and feel the rising tensions as the U.S. deploys space warfare systems near Russia and attempts to drag our governments along into this new Cold War. We've been here before and do not want to return. We are working hard to build opposition to Star Wars by educating the people on this continent and beyond. Keep Space for Peace Week gives us a chance to unite with people all over the world. We must act now while we still have time."

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