European Committee of Social Rights: Conclusions 2006 (Estonia)


Service in place of military service

The Committee previously noted that legislation provided for alternative service to compulsory military service, but sought further clarification on the length of such alternative service. In December 2004 the length of alternative service was reduced to between 12 months (minimum) and 18 months (maximum) and is (according to other sources1) currently set at 16 months duration. Military service lasts between eight months (minimum) and 11 months (maximum).
The Committee recalls that under Article 1§2 the duration of alternative service may not exceed one and half times the length of military service. The Committee notes that according to the information available to it alternative service may amount to double the length of military service. The situation is therefore not in conformity with the Revised Charter on this point.
The Committee refers to its question in the General Introduction to these Conclusions as to whether legislation against terrorism precludes persons from taking up certain employment.




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