Controversy about conscription in Ukraine


According to news published in the English language Kyiv Post, "Yulia Tymoshenko has promised to end mandatory army

conscription almost immediately after she is confirmed as Ukraine's next prime minister. But defense analysts, as well as politicians affiliated with Tymoshenko's Orange forces, warn that the transition to a professional force cannot be rushed."

However, president Viktor Yushchenko responded that "according to the National Program, the Ukrainian army will conduct its final conscription campaign in 2010 and be staffed exclusively by enlistees by 2011.

To try and achieve a professional army two years earlier, according to the president, would be “to ignore the interests of the military and the security of the nation.

On 24 October, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2008 at 183,000 persons, including 143,000 military servicemen.

Sources: Kyiv Post, 24 October 2007, Government press release, 24 October 2007


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