WRI Conference 2006: Registration Form


Register here for the main conference; the WRI business meeting 28 July; the pre-conference WRI Council meeting 23 July; and the post-conference WRI Council meeting, 29 July

Registration Form

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Please use this form to register for the international conference "Globalising Nonviolence" and for the War Resisters' International business meeting. Please complete one form per participant (children should be included on one of the parents' forms).

Deadline for registrations: 1 July 2006. Please note that participants registering after the deadline CANNOT be guaranteed accommodation at the conference venue and might have to look for their own accommodation. If you require a visa, please check the time it will take to issue a visa.

On this online form, compulsory fields are indicated in bold. Your "primary" email is the one to which your confirmation, and other related correspondence, will be sent; please be sure to enter it accurately.

Who is registering?



Postal code:


Phone -- First: Second:

Fax -- First: Second:

E-mail -- First: Second:

I am coming with children, aged .

I will require childcare for children.


German, English, French, and Spanish are the four conference languages, and simultaneous interpretation will be provided in plenary sessions.

The language I am most comfortable in is: English German Spanish French

I can take part in discussions in the following languages:

English German Spanish French other (specify)

I am willing to help interpret in workshops/theme groups

If yes, FROM TO

Dietary needs

Please give us some indication if you have special dietary needs/preferences.

I would like non-vegetarian vegetarian vegan meals

I have other dietary needs (please specify)


The conference will be participatory, and depends very much on support from the participants. Task will include photocopying, shopping, providing workshops with materials (flip-chart papers, markers, etc.), staffing the bar, and other background tasks which are crucial for any conference.

I am willing to volunteer during the conference for hours once daily from time to time.

I have a driving license valid in Germany

I have experience in/can offer:

War Resisters' International business meeting, 28 July 2006

Please fill in this section if you also want to attend the WRI Business meeting. Otherwise leave this blank.

I will be attending the WRI Business meeting as:

a representative from a WRI section:

an observer from a WRI affiliate:

an internationally elected WRI council member

an observer for a group not (yet) affiliated with WRI:


Accommodation is possible in single, two- or three-bed rooms, with shared or private bathrooms. There is limited accommodation available in tents (bring your own tent). Standard accommodation will be two-bed rooms with shared bath. The fee includes accommodation and meals from Sunday (23 July) evening to Thursday (27 July). The fee for the business meeting covers from 27 July until Saturday (29 July). Extra nights will be charged. Please book extra nights for pre- or post conference Council (see payments section).

I will arrive on


hrs and will leave on



I am happy with standard accommodation.

Option A: I would like a single room with shared bath (see payment section).

Option B: I would like a two/three bed room with private bath (see payment section)

Option C: I would like a single room with private bath (see payment section)

I will bring my own tent/caravan

Payment details

Registration Fees

The registration fee includes accommodation at the venue, meals, and the seminar/Council registration.

Select the applicable option(s) for all the days you will be at the conference venue.

standard room

(2/3 bed shared bath)
Option A

(single shared bath)
Option B

(2/3 bed pvt bath)
Option C

(1 bed pvt bath)

tent Children
International Conference

(23-27 July)
Organisational rate €250 €265 €290 €295 €125 € 125 × children
Individual participants €200 €215 €240 €245
Reduced rate €150 €165 €190 €195

WRI Business meeting

(27-29 July)
Standard rate €80 €90 €105 €110 €60 € 60 × children

WRI Council meeting

(23 July, stay over 22/23 July)
Standard rate €36 €39 €45 €46.50 €25 € 30 × children

WRI Council meeting

(29 July, stay over 29/30 July)
Standard rate €36 €39 €45 €46.50 €25 € 30 × children

Early arrival

(stay over 20/21 July)

Standard rate €36 €39 €45 €46.50 €25 € 30 × children
Early arrival

(stay over 21/22 July)

Standard rate €36 €39 €45 €46.50 €25 € 30 × children
Late departure

(stay over 30/31 July)

Standard rate €36 €39 €45 €46.50 €25 € 30 × children
Late departure

(stay over 31 Jul/1 Aug)

Standard rate €36 €39 €45 €46.50 €25 € 30 × children


We welcome donations; these allow us to offer reduced registration fees to anti-militarists from the global South and from weak-currency economies. You can enter an amount in euros here  which will be added to your payment.

Your total payment will be displayed on the next page after you submit this form. (For payment in other currencies - £ or US$ – please calculate according to the exchange rate on http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic or, if paying online, review the amount when you arrive on our Worldpay secure server).
The first € 50 of your International Conference fee is a non-refundable deposit.

Method of payment

I will be paying my registration fee:

by giro transfer to War Resisters’ International, in Euros to Bank of Ireland, IBAN IE91 BOFI 9000 9240 41 35 47

by giro transfer to War Resisters’ International, in £ sterling to Unity Trust Bank IBAN GB11 CPBK 0800 5150 07 32 10

by credit card online through WRI's secure payment service

by credit card offline by printing the PDF version of this form and submitting by mail or fax

by cheque in £, € or US$, payable to "WRI".

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