Upcoming events: Shut DESO Action Day in the UK // International NATO Complaint Action // Prisoners for Peace Day: Focus on Russia


Monday 16 October:

Shut DESO Action Day in the UK

The most important day in the Shut the Denfece Export Services Organisation (DESO) campaign calendar.

CAAT will be joining other groups for a day of action to shut DESO.

DESO exists to sell arms for companies and to lobby for arms exports within government. It identifies potential opportunities for arms sales then works with the companies and other elements of government to push for deals.

They will encircle the headquarters of DESO, designating it a "global danger zone", and send a clear signal that DESO's place in Government is unacceptable. You'll also have the chance to lobby your MP in the afternoon, as part of our 3-month lobby.

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18th-24th November 2006: International NATO Complaint Action

The Bombspotting campaign is looking for international support for the next phase in our campaign for the global abolition of nuclear weapons. We focus our campaign on the withdrawal of the US nuclear weapons from Europe, and the end of NATO’s nuclear weapons strategy, and we try to link the specific role of nuclear weapons to the role of the military in the processes of globalisation.

Concretely, we are now looking for groups who wish to take part in an international complaint action against NATO nuclear weapons in November 2006, and groups who can mobilise people to come to our action conference and alternative NATO summit in Brussels on 25th November 2006. The international complaint action and the alternative NATO summit will run in parallel with the official NATO summit of November 28th-29th in Riga, Latvia, where NATO leaders will meet to discuss the new strategic concept of the North-Atlantic Alliance.

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1 December - Prisoners for Peace Day: Focus on Russia

Prisoners for Peace Day 2006 will highlight the situation in Russia, with the new NGO law threatening the work of independent NGOs and the war in Chechnya also leading to increased persecution in Russia itself.

The Prisoners for Peace campaign pack will be available early November in English, Spanish, French, and German. Contact the WRI office for more information.

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