Upcoming events: Globalising Nonviolence // Stopping the Merchants of Death // US Intervention and military expenditure


Globalising Nonviolence

WRI International Conference, 23-27 July 2006, Germany

  • Are you interested in both nonviolence and globalisation?
  • Are you campaigning against war?
  • Are you involved in nonviolent direct action or curious to learn more?

The War Resisters' International conference Globalising Nonviolence will be a great opportunity to meet activists from all over the world, to get to know what makes them tick, and to see how you can help each make another world possible. Around the world, a movement of movements is converging. This movement seeks to counterpose the perspective and values of people's power to those of global financial institutions, transnational corporations or governments. This is a movement of globalisation from below.

WRI believes that this movement of movements has a major role to play in this globalisation from below. Hence the theme of our upcoming international conference - Globalising Nonviolence.

Conference discussions will:

  • Analyse the contemporary situation of economic, cultural and political globalisation. How are capitalist globalisation and militarism related?
  • Develop strategies for nonviolent resistance towards the unjust aspects of globalisation. How do we create nonviolent social change?
  • Bring together people from the globalisation critical movement and WRI's network of pacifists and anti-militarists for mutual exchange of ideas on nonviolent opportunities for resistance.
  • Strengthen networks and create new links between activists from all over the world.

More information at www.globalisingnonviolence.org

Conference: Stopping the Merchants of Death

A Strategic Conference for Grassroots Activists

Calling all organizations working to expose and stop corporations' war making and war profiteering! Drawing upon the spirit, the experience and success of the Honeywell campaign*, the War Resisters League, in conjunction with Alliant Action, Nukewatch,Veterans for Peace-Twin City Chapter, University of St. Thomas Justice and Peace Studies Dept., and the Des Moines Catholic Worker are sponsoring a national networking and strategy conference to build a cohesive local and national anti-corporate movement to develop strategies for stopping corporate merchants of death.

When: Friday, Sept. 29 - Oct. 2, 2006

Where: University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

RSVP: Simon Harak, WRL Anti-militarism Coordinator, amc@warresisters.org,

ph: 212-228-0450; Please RSVP by August 15, 2006

(Housing for strategy conference participants available.)

"US Intervention and military expenditure"

A Latin American Conference on antimilitarist initiatives, organised by Red Juvenil de Medellin Colombia:
24, 25 and 26 of August 2006

For more information redjuvenil@redjuvenil.org

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