Globalising Nonviolence: War Resisters' International Conference

Schloss Eringerfeld

Paderborn, Germany

23-27 July 2006

Conference fees

Participation in the conference costs €200 (registration, accommodation and meals) for individual participants. The fee for representatives of organisations is €250. There a cheaper options (bring your own tent/caravan) available, if you cannot afford the full fee. Please check the registration form, either online or download the PDF version from the conference website.

Travel information

The venue is Schloss Eringerfeld, near Paderborn, Westphalia. Further travel information will shortly be available on the website.

Visa requirements

Please check visa requirements on the website of the German Foreign office at . If you need a visa to come to Germany, please contact WRI after registration for the conference. We will provide you with an invitation after payment for participation in the conference has been received.

Registration information

War Resisters' International, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, Britain +44 20 72784040

Programmes & Projects

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