Dear reader of co-update e-newsletter. First let me apologise for the lack of a co-update e-newsletter last month - this was due too much work pressure because of the upcoming WRI conference 'Globalising Nonviolence'. And while we are at it - there will not be a co-update e-newsletter in September, as the Right to Refuse to Kill staff will be on sabbatical from 20 August on. We hope to be back on schedule from October on - although the October issue will be a few days late too.

The focus of this issue is conscientious objection in Colombia, where War Resisters' International attended an international meeting on solidarity with conscientious objectors in Bogota from 18-20 July 2006.

Israel's war in Lebanon also needs attention, as we expect more refusers to be imprisoned in the near future. A first co-alert was emailed out today. But with the call-up of thousands of reservists more refusers are to be expected.

Andreas Speck


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