Globalising Nonviolence -- this is the theme of this Broken Rifle, and it is the theme of our upcoming conference in July in Germany (mark the dates: 23-27 July). But what do we mean when we say Globalising Nonviolence?

Stellan Vinthagen explores what nonviolence has to offer for the global movement for peace and justice -- the "movement of movements", converging at social forums and major summits of government or intergovernmental institutions. More correctly it's probably different wings of this movement that meet at one or the other -- or even organise parallel events, as recently with the World Social Forum and the Alternative Social Forum in Caracas (see page 2).

But Stellan Vinthagen also argues that we -- the protagonists of nonviolence, but also the movement of movements as a whole -- lack a global strategy of nonviolence, and an idea what nonviolence really means for a global struggle. War Resisters' International's conference Globalising Nonviolence wants to explore these questions, based on our experience with noniolent action and campaigns, but also our awareness that we don't have all the answers. We hope that this issue of The Broken Rifle encourages you to join us in this debate -- either by joining us at the conference, and/or on the Wiki at http://wri-irg.org/wiki/index.php/Globalising_Nonviolence.

Another world -- a nonviolent world -- is possible.
Andreas Speck

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