During the last months two conferences took place with the aim of building networks against war profiteers.

The fist one happened at the “Globalising Nonviolence” War Resisters' International Conference, were we had a theme group dedicated to working against war profiteers. You can read the full report in the latest BrokenRifle.

The second one was organised by WRI affiliate in the United States, War Resisters' League with their Stop the Merchants of Death Conference.

In both conferences the challenge of how to work coordinated between different groups working against war profiteers came out. In the first one, how to network internationally? and in the second, how to build a national network?

The challenge is: How can we  work together against these corporations? There are many different corporations that groups tackle. Clearly we can not all work against one corporation, as there are too many of them, and different corporations work in different ways and areas.

So how to network against war profiteers?

Some ideas came out of these two meeting. Clearly there is a need for resources. Resources on the corporations, but also about campaigns and strategies against these corporations. A coordination of action was also suggested, with international support to local actions/campaigns. For this we need to know what is happening and were, by having a common calendar of actions against war profiteers. The idea of a global day of action against war profiteers is a project to be worked out, but could be a good step to make this a global movement.

Building these networks is a big challenge WRI is working on, but we need you!

Javier Gárate

Programmes & Projects

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