Campaign of the Month: Preventive Boycott


Five organisations from Catalunya, Organización Plataforma Detengamos la Guerra, Red de Localidades de la Consulta Contra la Guerra, Espacio Liberado Contra la Guerra,Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización, Observatorio de las Transnacionales, and many people that had enough of war have joined for the Preventive Boycott Campaign.

A preventive boycott for a preventive war that you disagree with. The campaign proposeds that you don't consume products from companies related to war and that support war.

How to participate

  • Send and email to
  • Spread the information of the campaign through friends
  • Look at the list of companies and products at their website and study which ones you consume and introduce a change in your daily shopping
  • Choose every week one product and spread the information to your friends, on the importance of boycotting that product
  • Search for a place were you can do the boycott, and with an affinity group organise actions in front of them, to promote the boycott

Criteria for choosing the companies to boycott

Direct connection with war
Connection with arms manufactures
Profiteering from post-war: Reconstruction, Oil companies (e.g. Halliburton, BP)
Connection with G.W. Bush's election campaign (e.g. Time Warner)
A position in favour of the invassion of Iraq
Collateral benefit
Tax Paradise (e.g. BBVA)
Responsibility with enviromental attacks (e.g. EXXON)
Labor exploitation (e.g. nike)
Corruption and murder of unionist (e.g. Coca-Cola in Colombia)
Violent trade (e.g. Nestle)
Programmes & Projects

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