US war resisters


War Resisters' International is trying to put together a list of known US war resisters. From several sources, War Resisters' International was so far able to gather a bit of information, but this is surely just a snapshot. The list is in alphabetical order. Any additional information is welcome.



Additional information

Darrell Anderson

Deserted from his unit in Germany and fled to Canada,1518,337091,00.html

David Beals

Went AWOL after suicide attempt, turns himself in in January 2005



Kevin Mitchell Benderman

Applied for CO status on 20 December 2004

Perry O'Brien

Discharged as conscientious objector after Afghanistan war

David Bunt

imprisoned GI conscientious objector, sent to the brig on September 22nd 2004, he was sentenced to 45 days, due to be released at the end of October 2004

Travis Burnham,

Applied for CO status in January 2003

Travis Clark

Status unknown, said he won't join war in Iraq in March 2003

Diedra Cobb

CO application denied in November 2003

Aidan Delgado

Declared himself a CO in the middle of 2003, now out of the army.

Dan Falushko

Seeking refugee status in Canada

Stephen Funk

Sentenced to six months on 6 September 2003, released on 14 March 2004

Jeremy Hinzman

Seeking refugee status in Canada

Brandon Hughey

Seeking refugee status in Canada

Ghanim Khalil

Announced that he would refuse to deploy to Iraq on February 15th 2003, at anti-war rally in New York
Ghanim Khalil has been allowed to separate from the Army Reserves as his 8 year commitment was at an end, despite "stop-loss".

Joel Klimkewicz

CO application refused, court martialed in 2004. sentenced to 7 month imprisonment


Jimmy Massey

Massey was honorably discharged from the Corps in December 2003

Camilo Mejia

Sentenced to one year imprisonment on 21 May 2004

Pablo Paredes

Turned himself in on 18 December 2004, after almost 2 weeks of being AWOL

Michael Sudbury

Discharged 1 day before his planned public announcement as CO

David Sunders

Seeking refugee status in Canada

Wilfredo Torres

Other than honourable discharge after having been AWOL

Carl Webb

Refused to report when his contract was extended by the National Guard, presently AWOL

Abdullah William Webster

Sentenced to 14 months in prison


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