This issue of The Broken Rifle focuses on the Campaign Against War Profiteers.This campaign has been developing throughout the past year. The Campaign Against War Profiteers is one of the three main areas of focus for the Nonviolence Programme during this period.

The Campaign is developing resources for the activities and networking with WRI affiliates involved in initiatives that support and coordinate nonviolent campaigns against war profiteers. WRI opposes war profiteers, following our fundamental critique that we want to "remove all causes of war" . We believe that war profiteers, are not just making profit from war, but they are a cause of war.

I invite you to look closely at the articles in this issue which includes: What WRI's network is doing against the different kinds of war profiteers, as well as a further examination of different kinds of war profiteers.

We have also examine the experience from the USA on how to do research on these corporations. I invite you to study it and see how you might apply it in your region. In this issue, we also present the development of the campaign and what we want to achieve with it.

This issue also marks the launch of WRI's own Wiki, that we expect will improve the cooperation among WRI activist and will create a joint resource on nonviolence and antimilitarism.

I hope you enjoy this Broken Rifle and that it provokes you to reflect on what you and your group can do to get involved in this campaign and help stop the war profiteers. We really need all of your collaboration and contributions to the WRI and its endeavours to end war.

Javier Gárate
WRI Staff Member

Programmes & Projects

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