This issue of The Broken Rifle marks WRI's launching of our new Nonviolence Programme. A process that has been going on since our Council meeting in June, we are looking forward to the arrival of our new programme staffperson, Javier Gárate who will be moving from Chile to London in March.

WRI exists to promote nonviolent action against the causes of war. The promotion of nonviolence is one of our two main goals, along with promotion of antimilitarism. We are now merging WRI programmes to strengthen our ability to promote nonviolence. This work will be built on a history of promoting nonviolence in WRI, and by WRI Sections throughout the world.

WRI is in a unique position as we develop the programme. A secular pacifist organisation for 84 years, we are a network of grassroots groups committed to nonviolence, organizing nonviolent actions, experimenting with the power of nonviolence. We are committed to education and action. Please read this Broken Rifle with an eye towards seeing how you and your group can be involved in this new programme. And please give as generously as you can so WRI can develop this work.
Joanne Sheehan

WRI Chair

Programmes & Projects

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