Upcoming events: Friedrich-Siegmund-Schultze Award for WRI // Prisoners for Peace Day 2004


Friedrich-Siegmund-Schultze Award for WRI

On 28 September, War Resisters' International will receive the Friedrich- Siegmund- Schultze Award for nonviolent action from the Evangelische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kriegsdienstverweigerung (Protestant Working Group for Conscientious Objection). The award will be given to WRI in a public event in Speyer in the southwest of Germany. Joanne Sheehan, WRI's chairperson, and Andreas Speck, CO Campaigning Worker, will be representing WRI.

More information at www.eak-online.de.

Prisoners for Peace Day 2004

1 December is Prisoners for Peace Day. The focus for this years is conscientious objection in Finland. More information is available at  the WRI website.

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