Upcoming events: 1 December - Prisoners for Peace Day // International Conscientious Objectors Day // WRI Seminar 2005 in South Korea // Housmans Peace Diary 2005 available


1 December - Prisoners for Peace Day

This year's focus: conscientious objection in Finland

The special edition of WRI's The Broken Rifle, incorporating the annual Prisoners for Peace Honour Roll, is available online in English, German, French, and Spanish. Please contact the WRI Office if you require print copies, or feel free to download the material from our website, and make your own copies. Please note that there is a special online list of Korean prisoners for peace.

War Resisters' International also published a special report on conscientious objection in Finland for the United Nations Human Rights Committee. This report is available on this site.

Please let the WRI office know what you are planning for Prisoners for Peace Day. We suggest:

  • On 1 December, put aside at least one hour and write at least four cards to prisoners;
  • Get your peace group or class or meeting place to organise a card-writing session;
  • Set up a stall in your town centre, perform street theatre, or do whatever else it takes to attract attention and interest.

15 May 2005: International Conscientious Objectors Day

Focus: conscientious objection in Greece. WRI and the Greek Association of COs are organising an international seminar, nonviolence training, and action in Thessaloniki from 9-15 May 2005. Contact WRI for more information.

WRI Seminar 2005 in South Korea

In cooperation with several partner organisations from South Korea, War Resisters' International is preparing for its 2005 seminar and Council meeting, which will take place in or close to Seoul in June 2005. The theme of the seminar will be "Peace in North-East Asia". The Korean groups started a website on the seminar, which will carry updated information. Information is also available on the WRI website.

Seminar: 26-29 June 2005

WRI Council Meeting: 30 June-2 July 2005.

Housmans Peace Diary 2005 available

HousmansThe Housmans Peace Diary 2005 will be available from mid-November, and can be ordered now through the WRI webshop. The Housmans Peace Diary includes the Housmans World Peace database, and has a week-to-a-view diary. You can order a copy of the diary on WRI's webshop, or on the single copy order page.

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