Report by Mr Alvaro Gil-Robles, The Commissioner for Human Rights, on his visit to Cyprus, 25-29 June 2003



40. The term of military service is normally 26 months. Defence Act 2/92 of January 1992 recognises conscientious objection on ethical, moral, humanitarian, philosophical, political or religious grounds. However, the alternative service offered is a very long period of non-armed service; it is for either 34 months to be undergone in uniform within army precincts or for 42 months without a uniform and outside army precincts. These regulations do not correspond to the standards of the Council of Europe. Legislative measures are being contemplated to make Cypriot legislation compatible with the requirements of the Recommendations on the subject by the Committee of Ministers. (...)


76. (…) - To modify the legal arrangements concerning conscientious objection and alternative service in accordance with the Recommendations of the Committee of Ministers in the matter; in particular, to alter the practice whereby the medical reasons for granting exemption from the obligation to perform military service are recorded on the certificate of exemption;”





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