Although War Resisters' International's focus for International Conscientious Objectors' Day is Chile and Latin America, activities in different countries obviously respond also to the local situation, while drawing attention to the focus region at the same time.


There will be a memorial event for conscientious objectors past and present at the commemorative stone for conscientious objectors in Tavistock Square, central London, on 15 May. The event will start at noon.

Some MPs started an Early Day Motion for the British Government to recognise 15 May "as the day upon which the role of conscientious objectors is to be commemorated each year" (EDM 873). However, some conscientious objectors might prefer not to receive government recognition.

Contact for the event: Conscience, Archway Resource Centre, 1b Waterlow Rd, London N19 5NJ; tel +44 20 7561 1061; fax +44 20 7281 6508; email


Red Juvenil is organising a national assembly of conscientious objectors in Medellin from 14-16 May. Contact: Redes Juveniles A.A.52-215, or Calle 47 N 40 53, Medellín; tel +57 4 2923234; email; website


A demonstration will take place in the Northern German city of Münster on 15 May, at which Turkish-Kurdish conscientious objectors who fled from Turkey and applied for asylum in Germany will publicly declare their conscientious objection. The demonstration will begin at 11am at the Prinzipalmarkt in Münster, and will move to the Turkish consulate.

The evening before, a public discussion will be taking place at the ESG, Breul 43 in Münster, starting at 7:30pm

Contact: Redaktion Graswurzelrevolution, Breul 43, 48143 Münster; tel. +49-251-48290-57; fax +49-251-48290-32; email; website


The "first traditional militourism festival" will take place in Istanbul on 15th May. The festival will include a tour, a concert, and an exhibition, highlighting the symbols of militarism in Istanbul, and symbols of resistance conscientious objectors. The tour will start at 11am at Haydarpasa Train Station.

Contact: Istanbul Antimilitarist Initiative, tel +90-546-7127931, email; website


The Center on Conscience and War is organising a day of workshops and seminars on conscientious objection, anti-militarism, counter recruitment and war tax resistance, which will take place at the Church of the Brethren in Washington DC. Prior to 15th May, a lobby day is being organised for the 14th, focused on educating Congress about conscientious objection and how any military draft is not a viable option.

Contact: Center on Conscience and War, 1830 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009, tel +1-202-483-2220, fax +1-202-483-1246, email; website

Where is your event? What did you do? Let us know! Send us reports and pictures!

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