This issue of The Broken Rifle focuses on War Resisters' International's campaign in support of Israeli conscientious objectors and refusers, and nonviolent resistance to the occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

For some years now War Resisters' International has cooperated with several of Israel's CO and refusenik groups. Recently, the number of COs -- both selective refusers and draft resisters increased sharply. In response, the Israeli authorities increased their repression of conscientious objectors: extended imprisonment and court-martials of COs, potentially leading to longer prison terms.

All this makes international support ever more important, including protest letters, solidarity actions, and an international campaign.

This issue of The Broken Rifle provides information and background material for campaigning. WRI's website provides even more material. Please use it -- Israel's COs need our support.

Andreas Speck
CO Campaign Worker at the WRI office, London War Resisters' International 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX, Britain, http://wri-irg.org, concodoc@wri-irg.orgv

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