This issue of the Broken Rifle is based on the report of our seminar held in Oxford in July 2000; So, 'Better late than never!'- a popular expression in my country. Nontheless the subject matter is as relevant as ever now that there are all these wars. Yet again we, an anti-militaristic group, have to decide how to deal with the everlasting war machine. Every member of our network has signed the statement, ´war is a crime against humanity'- which means we must oppose and resist it. The title of the Seminar was From Kosov@ to Seattle: what role for nonviolent action? Reading the report you will note the importance of the issues raised and the relevance of the questions posed; and you will be aware of the need to keep busy and active.

The venue, Hill End, set the tone of the meeting. It could not have taken place in a more typical, rural summer British landscape and we were able to wander about in the fields during breaks. Some people pitched tents and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was interesting that quite a significant group of young people, not in the movement, were keen to take part, as well as older people who had no connections with WRI in the past. Networking was a major activity; and we even had time to socialise after the sessions in the evenings.

This introduction is not an account of the discussion - this will come later. You will soon come to that. I should like to say a big thank you to Mika Minio-Paluello, an anthropology student I met in Cambridge when I gave a talk on the struggle against impunity in Chile. He kindly offered to read reports, listen to tapes for hours on end, struggle with flip-board reports of sessions he had not attended and produce this report. Sophie Reynolds and John Courtneidge helped to edit it, and finally Jan Melichar did the layout. Many thanks to all of them. It's finally done.
Roberta Bacic
London, March, 2002

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