Militarism is inextricably linked in with the wider patriarchal capitalist system we live in. This analysis however allows us to build links for setting ourselves short-term goals. And while doing that it is necessary for us to keep in view and understand the place of those short-term goals within the larger picture.

This suggests a shift to include acting towards more realistic, small-scale aims and a new variation on the theme: "Think total, act local"

Some reoccurring themes during the seminar were:

  • The Issue of critical engagement/dialogue
  • "Neither in nor out." Interaction and listening, going beyond just making statements and protests.
  • Interactive engagement vs confrontation
  • Pragmatism vs. principles
  • Incremental steps vs. radical jumps

It is crucial that we present nonviolent action as something "normal". At the moment many people place it in the same arena as violence, sometimes as even more radical, as it is perceived to be against the status quo.

We must present nonviolent action not only as something positive, but also as the duty of every responsible citizen. "Nonviolence can combine non-cooperation -- withdrawal of support from a system of oppression -- with constructive work to build alternatives. As a way of engaging in conflict, sometimes nonviolence attempts to bring reconciliation with it, strengthening the social fabric, empowering those at the bottom of society, and including people from different sides in seeking a solution. Even when such aims cannot immediately be achieved, our nonviolence holds us firm in our determination not to destroy people."

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