Women in Black Against War - Belgrade 9 of October 1991 - 9 of October 2000

Nine years of political activism of Woman in Black - The end of totalitarian

We wish to congratulate to all women and men citizens, non-governmental organisations, movement OTPOR and opposition parties who have contributed to the end of this fascist regime. Milosevic has been defeated on the elections of the 24th of September 2000 and the citizens have kept this victory on the streets with the civil disobedience on the 5th of October 2000..

Woman in Black against War have came out on the street of Belgrade on the 9th of October of 1991 in order to protest against regime of Slobodan Milosevic, militarism, nationalism and violence against women.

Nine years after that - we are happy that the first aim of our protest is fulfilled! The regime is defeated!

But it is not yet done! Slobodan Milosevic is a war criminal and is responsible for wars and ethnic cleansing in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Kosova.

We are full of joy for the end of terror - but we still demand

  • extradition of Slobodan Milosevic to the International Tribunal of War Crimes for Former Yugoslavia in Den Haag,
  • freeing Flora Brovina and all the Albanians from Kosova, as well as Miroslav Filipovic, who are imprisoned in Serbia for the false political processes, as well as response: where is Ivan Stambolic,
  • urgent amnesty for all the deserters, and introducing new programs for reintegration of men who have refused to participate in Milosevic's wars,
  • shortening the obligatory army duty period to 6 months, as well as introducing the right to the civil military,
  • supporting the actions for the political rights of women, for the equal participation of women in the institutions of the state,

There is a great joy among us for this end - but our work is not done - we will continue to work on elimination of militarism, nationalism and male violence against woman!

Women in Black, 9 of October 2000
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