You can't keep a good woman down....nor the WRI Women's Working Group newsletter. After a long absence, we're back. You can make sure we stay back by completing the enclosed questionnaire.

Please help us by sharing your ideas of how to make the newsletter-and communication between pacifist women from around the world-more useful.

This issue has good news about progress on a written history to celebrate the WRI Women's Working Group (WWG) 25 year history, and news from last year's WWG meeting in Germany.

The WRI women's newsletter now has a website, thanks to Ken Simons and Maggie Helwig. Current and past issues can now be seen at /pubs/wriwomen.htm.

Another important email address is that of Casha Davis, convenor of the WRI Women's Working Group:

What is the WRI Women's Working Group?

The WRI Women's Working Group is an international network of 50 active women and a wider circle of 100 who work within the pacifist organization, War Resisters' International, to address the interconnected issues of violence against women and the violence of war.

Members come from 20 countries. The group publishes this periodic newsletter and meets annually during WRI Council meetings. WWG has organized various women's conferences. In recent years WWG has focussed on decentralized projects such as Crossing the Line, which encouraged women in conflict areas to take actions bridging the gaps between them. We are currently working to ensure a gender perspective in a WRI seminar on Nonviolence and Social Empowerment, which will take place in India in December 2000.

Shelley Anderson

Programmes & Projects

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