Triennial Sponsors


We want to thank all those who made this Triennial possible through their financial support:

  • Stiftung Umverteilen (Germany),
  • Objeción Fiscal (state of Spain),
  • Folkereisnig Mot Krig (Norway),
  • Norwegian Government,
  • 23rd October (Netherlands),
  • Caritas (Belgium),
  • WRI Chechnya/Russia Fund,
  • Danish Peace Council,
  • Solifonds-Die Grünen (Germany),
  • Committee for Conflict Transformation Support,
  • UNESCO Etxea (Basque Country, state of Spain),
  • Peacefund Canada,
  • Myrtle Solomon Memorial Fund,
  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust,
  • Istria County (Croatia),
  • Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation,
  • Dutch Embassy in Croatia,
  • Croatian Ministry of Tourism,
  • and the generous donations of many individuals.
Programmes & Projects

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