To get information about the Kosov@ conflict, apart from the website of WRI, you can check the following:

Women in Black: Documents in English and Spanish from womens point of view.

Institution for War and Peace Reporting: Regular reports on the situation in Yugoslavia, many of them from people on the ground.

The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research: Excelent reports from the ground, from a pacifist point of view.

ZNet: articles on the conflict and the peace process by Chomsky, Cockburn, Fisk, etc.

Transcend: an imaginative view on the peace process.

Other sources of information:


Academic Information Network:

Radio B92: or

Common Dreams News Center:

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting:

Kosov@ Crisis Centre:

Kosov@ Information Centre:

Kosov@ Press:

NGOs & Nezavisnost Unions Against War:

Peace Movement Aotearoa:

We wish to remind you of the following appeals.

Womens Aid to former Yugoslavia is appealing for funds to support the work of three womens groups working with refugees in Albania and Macedonia. Two of them (The Kosovar Centre for the Protection of Women and Children, and Motrat Qiriazi) are Kosovan womens organisations, formerly based in Pristina and now working in Macedonia; the third (Medica Kosova-Woman to Woman) is a German/Bosnian/Albanian partnership working in Albania. For further information, details of aid needed, appeal leaflets and posters or a copy of Watfys latest report, please contact them at the following address:


Womens Aid to former Yugoslavia
20 Tennyson Road
SO17 2GW
Tel: +44 1703 551094 (4434 fax)

Balkan Sunflowers organises volunteer effort throughout the world, providing the opportunity for non-medical and non-technical people as well as medical and technical professional to participate "hands-on" in the humanitarian relief effort. Their goal is to set up community centres within the refugee camps so as to reestablish a sense of community and normality in the refugees life, by providing a place for social and organisational gathering, schooling, classes, organised sports and many other activities. In the beginning there will also be a need for basic facilities such as toilets and shelter. Volunteers with construction experience will organise materials and work with the refugees to construct these facilities.

For further information, contact them at:

Balkan Sunflowers
c/o postfach 12 19, D-14806 Belzig
Tel: + 49 33841 30670 (30671 fax)

Programmes & Projects

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