Business meeting


Elected and appointed positions chosen or confirmed at the 1998 Triennial Conference

Chair: Joanne Sheehan, USA

Treasurer: Andreas Speck, Germany

Vice-chairs: Peter Jones (Australia), Cecilia Moretti (Argentina), Osman Murat Ülke (Turkey)

Internationally elected council members:

  • Albert Beale, Britain
  • Howard Clark, Britain/state of Spain
  • Ellen Elster, Norway
  • Maggie Helwig, Canada
  • Jørgen Johansen, Norway/Sweden
  • Carmen Magallón, state of Spain
  • Cecilia Moretti, Argentina
  • Christine Schweitzer, Germany
  • Majken Sørensen, Denmark
  • Vesna Terselic, Slovenia/Croatia
  • Osman Murat Ülke, Turkey
  • Jan van Criekenge, Belgium
  • Dorie Wilsnack, USA/Germany

The Council also includes a representative from each section and a non-voting observer from each associate organisation or publication.

Executive committee: Joanne Sheehan, Andreas Speck, Howard Clark, Ellen Elster, Vesna Terselic, Jan van Criekenge

New affiliates

Two new affiliates were agreed at the Council meeting preceding the Triennial:

Institut für Friedensarbeit und Gewaltfreie Konfliktaustragung, Hauptstr 35, D-55491 Wahlenau/Hunsrueck, Germany. Tel +49 6543 980296; fax 571 23019; email [accepted as a section]

Archiv Aktiv für gewaltfreie Bewegungen, Sternschanze 1, D-20357 Hamburg, Germany. Tel +49 40 430 2046; email [accepted as an associate organisation]

Project proposals

The following project proposals were approved at the Triennial Business Meeting.

  • Follow-up to CONCODOC (the CONscription and Conscientious Objection DOCumentation project)
  • WRI Online Resource Project
  • Indonesia/East Timor working group and mini-seminar tour
  • Conference on social empowerment
  • Mixed group on gender issues
  • Nonviolent blockades of Yugoslav embassies
  • Proposals from the Environmental Action theme group
  • Proposals from the Identity and Conflict theme group

Details of all these projects appear in the Triennial Business Meeting minutes. Further details can be found in the WRI archives or via the office.

Programmes & Projects

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